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Why Video Cards?

Video content is one of the most popular and important online marketing tools of this day and age. With video cards, you can carry your video message in your smallest pocket. With the variety of video cards, brochures, and business cards, you can now share all your work with a simple flip. No wires, no netwoks, no expensive equipment required - it's video at your fingertips. All that a user has to do to see your message is to simply open your video card.

With pricing starting at $40 for a 7’ brochure and $19 for business cards (price depends on quantity), you can afford to give them away, have them in your waiting area, send them to your potential employers, use them as a fancy wedding invitation, or submit your proposal

Brochures are available custom printed (higher quantity) or generic. With a variety of sizes, memory needs, and finishing, there is a video card waiting for you.

Call 321.276.9899 or email for more information.

It Plays

Open it... it plays. Close it... it stops. No WiFi to hunt, no security to update. Just hand over and have anyone open it. That's all.

It impresses

"That's so cool!" is the most common response. Video cards make impactful impressions that ensure you are remembered- unlike a flimsy piece of paper that gets lost in a week.

It won't bust your bank

Yes, it would be great if we had the budget to give away iPads. Luckily, with our pricing, you don't have to bust your bank anytime soon...

How are they used?

Portfolio Item 11
Makes you stand out
Sales Presentation
Portfolio Item 12
Leave lasting impressions
Business Cards
Portfolio Item 10
Introduce your idea
Investor intro
Portfolio Item 09
Save the Date
Wedding Invitation
Portfolio Item 12
Your idea at their fingertips
Business Proposal
Portfolio Item 11
The Righ Casting Tool
Modeling job
Portfolio Item 10
Sell houses with ease
Estate Listing
Portfolio Item 09
For investor or customer
Thank You Gift

How it works